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Debug, performance test and bug fixing

Are you at the end of your development cycle and you fear your customers will be the first ones to find the nasty bugs or performance issues with your product ?

We can help with this with a code review with focus especially on Windows OS internal architectural compatibility, to ensure your product has a sound and solid implementation as Microsoft intended it. In our experience a good code review usually results in good product stability and performance and great compatibility with the future Windows versions.

If you are dealing with a nasty bug that you cannot seem to fix, we can assist you with this task, which sometimes can prove to be difficult for even the more experienced and well seasoned developers.

Developer on-site

Are you starting a new project and you think you need a driver ? Why not invite an experienced developer over to discuss possible designs options.

Tell us more about the approach you have chosen for your project and we can give you better insight on the Windows subsystem and architecture and guide you to the best design possible. Having started on the right foot could prove to be the best decision you have taken on the long run. Our advice could end up saving you many months of redesign which usually will end up costing you. A fresh look over your design could give you the reassurance you needed to know you are good to go, or chose the design that suits your needs.

Custom development

All you have to do is contact us and let us know about your need!

We are specialized in many areas of the Windows kernel like: device drivers, file system filters, software drivers, driver filtering in general. Our particularly good experience is in the file system filtering area. If you want to do it the right way you are on the right track with us. Starting from the requirements phase, going to design, implementation and delivery phase, our process will ensure your team is kept updated every step of the way with code samples, tools and documentation, to allow you to be up and running quickly. We provide the support needed to integrate the software and make sure you are able to make most out of the delivered technology.


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