kasardiaKasardia is a line of products/toolkits and consulting services offered by GaMiTech SRL. We are a company originally started in Romania, having developers with over 10 years of experience in Windows systems internals and kernel drivers. We take pride in our unique expertise and assure that we can accelerate your project and help your team avoid design and implementation pitfalls. Windows OS internals are difficult and involves significant number of assumptions and constraints, that if you don't take into consideration could have dire consequences so we believe, some things are better left to be handled by experts.
Our engineering team loves to do just that. We love the challenge that the windows kernel has to offer. With expertise especially in the filtering areas and file system, in our journey we have tackled with several task and challenges ranging from designs for security companies, monitoring and intercepting, application and device control solutions to offering simple solutions for your company's local admin. We are ready to take on any challenge from any tech company from the largest players in software, storage, monitoring, services, filtering and security.
Our working model is simple and convenient giving our customers the opportunity to see the progress every step of the way. Our team is small, but that's the way we want it. When working with delicate software like kernel drivers you only want the best quality and this gives us an advantage, because it makes us fast, flexible and we also keep you informed with the development process.
Our estimates and quotes are always free. Be it you are at the stage where you have just an idea or your product needs some maintenance, code review or a nasty bug while it is being shipped we take care of every type of scenario.
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