Gabriel Bercea

Hi there,

My name is Gabriel and I am originally from Romania. I am currently living in a small  village called Delfgauw,  in the Netherlands.

I am developer passionate about low level Windows programming, drivers and all the bits and pieces that make this wonderfully complicated environment.  I have started with my driver development very early on, ( more than 10 years ago ) considering that back then most of my school colleagues weren’t very familiar with Pascal ( that’s what we used to learn in school ) and the most we would get to do is write an algorithm for the shortest path between two graph points. I was always fascinated with processes, threads and everything that in my mind back then made more sense to learn about, rather than variables, graphs and all those algorithms. I remember I used to wonder how task manager “knows” about all the processes being created, terminated and I wondered “who” tells task manager about that. That’s how I came across drivers for the first time and I learned that actually you can “know” when processes are being created/terminated with this API, that you could only call from a kernel mode. I also learned that task manager was just pooling the system list of processes rather than being called back.  From there on, the rest is history.

I really became passionate with this new world of drivers and for me back then, drivers and kernel meant that was the place where you really have the “power”. Don’t get me wrong, it is, but with great power comes great responsibility. Countless blue screens would await, countless frustrating moments when I wanted to give up on it saying, it is just not for me and I would never really be a kernel developer, but sure enough, give it a few good years and it pays of.

Today, not much has changed about my passion for Windows internals. On the other hand I am thankful I had the opportunity to work with great people and develop great projects for mostly security companies and not only and develop my skills along the way.

I am as enthusiastic as ever and I am looking for new opportunities and challenges all the time, especially when there is some Windows kernel involved.

I am a very friendly person, so feel free to contact me and talk to me about anything.